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Maplestory not responding

Maplestory not responding

Name: Maplestory not responding

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I've tried twice so far today to login and Maple keeps "not responding". The game/screen will freeze up and I have to ctrl alt delete to get out of it. When task manager comes up it says Maple Story not responding. So I'm not entirely sure if this is the right subreddit for this, but I just built a new PC , and so far, the only game I'm having problems with is. Usually (from firsthand experience), the game stops responding when the task is first started. As in, the MapleStory window appears, but shows.

Hello everyone, I kept getting crashes between 1~2 hour botting with 2~3 clients. When one one them is not responding. all of them become not. I'm trying to play Maple after about a 4 year hiatus. But the game It lets me get into the game but after exactly 5 seconds it stops responding. The other day, I downloaded the patch for Maplestory and was excited to sign in. I couldn't find the solution so I stopped playing and uninstalled it for a while.

After enter PIC, the game will load into the map than it will freeze and i have no choice but to end task. Started happen yesterday.~ Anyone. Maplestory just stops responding when it gets to the actual game screen. I don't even get to see the loading screen or anything, I just hit play and then not.


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